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The simple ways to save the elephants

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Elephants are one of the most important animals in the world. They’re preserving the forest by spreading the seeds of new plants via their feces. Without the forests, we will lose a lot of oxygen and precious water as well. Therefore you also have to become one of the heroes that will help the world government to save the elephants. You may join the elephant sanctuary Thailand to help the elephants in the Thailand. However, you can also do some simple things that will help the conservationists to protect them.

Don’t buy any merchandise that has been made of elephant’s body parts

There are a lot of decorations and other luxurious items that have been made of elephant’s body parts. Avoid them in the market, and you can call yourself an elephant’s hero.

Don’t trust the medications that made of elephant’s bones or tusks

Some people have claimed that the elephant’s bones and tusks can be used as the medical ingredients. This statement hasn’t scientifically proven, and it’s not worth it to kill such a majestic animal just to try a medicine with no clear effects.