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Plastic surgery for beauty in the face area

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Plastic Surgery is currently more popular and becomes a trend, both among women and men. How come? Those who had a flat nose could turn it into a pointy. For those who are elderly, it could look much younger in a matter of weeks, thanks to this plastic surgeon in seattle. In essence, the Plastic Surgery, you can change the look of the face and body as desired.

The plastic surgery itself was first performed by the Italian physicist, Gaspere Tagliacozzi in 1837. Using the technique of ancient India, he managed to reconstruct the nose of a patient who suffered damage. In operation, Gaspere Tagliacozzi instead of using plastic material, but wearing skin tissue from around the hands of the patient. So do not be mistaken Plastic Surgery that uses a plastic material. Rather, use of the word Plastic Surgery is taken from the ancient Greek word “plastikos” which means forming. So that the Plastic Surgery can be defined by the actions or operating procedures (surgery) to establish or reconstruct the part of a person’s body. And it was originally for medical purposes, not for aesthetics (beauty).