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Pipe Making Process

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Pipa is a cylindrical hole shaped object with a hole in the middle is made of metal or other materials as a means of drainage or transport fluid is a liquid, gas or air. The flowing fluid has a temperature and pressure vary. Pipes usually determined by its face while ‘TUBE’ is one type of pipe that is defined by outer diameter, pipe If you want to know more, then you can find it in http://www.plumbing-electriciancourses.co.uk

Based on the way of making in general, we recognize three types, namely iron pipe Seamless Steel Pipe (manufacture of pipes without welding) is formed with an iron rod piercing cylinders for the holes on the inside diameter of the pipe. Welded Steel Pipes (manufacture of pipes with welding) is formed with a curvature of the steel plate to the tip sides meet each other and then welding. Ductile iron pipe is formed by centrifugal casting alloy heat.

The function of the pipe is a tool to direct liquid supply liquid, gas or vapor from one place to appropriate taking into chronicle the effect, temperature and liquid pressure are utilized, the location and the impact of the encompassing ecosystem. In addition to the above purpose of specific types of pipes can also be used in the construction of buildings, warehouses, and others.