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Expansion of space in buildings typically uses two systems, namely by raising or creating levels or so-called add buildings on the sides, front, and rear. In addition, there is still one more way that can be applied that makes the room take the land. The basement is called the basement. You can make a basement in your home, with a few things you should consider, the first is the demarcation line. The demarcation line in the basement is always more advanced than the GSB or building demarcation line and adjacent to the border line of the fence. Second, notice that there are conditions in the vicinity of the building because the area around it is often used to build a network system, electrical wiring, and plumbing. Note also the area that has a direct border with neighboring land and if you need help with decorations or manufacture basement, you can use the services Basement Finishing Contractors.

Basement walls can not be made contiguous with the other wall, this can affect the strength of the construction and building, but if forced to close together, could wear a sheet pile made of concrete or steel and have a function to be a retaining wall. Furthermore, the third is pay attention to the position of the groundwater table, because each district condition is not always the same.