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Avoid sharing the hoax Jakarta election news

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The social media has become one of the most used sources of information, especially regarding the governor election of Jakarta. There are so many news sites which are competing against each other in order to get as many subscribers as they can. That’s why you should avoid any hoaxes that circulate on the social media, and you also need to avoid to sharing the false news, in order to keep the peace during the election period. You may want to visit www.arah.com/pilkada.html to get the most trusted news on the internet.

If you share the hoax news, not only that you will mislead the people about the election, but you may also trigger some irresponsible people to do the bad actions as well. The hoaxes are usually made to cause some chaos, just like riots on the streets, so you have to share your news carefully, especially for the information as sensitive as the Jakarta election of 2017. Share your news wisely, and you will do it just fine.